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Philips Industrial Lighting
Philips Industrial Lighting series is fast and easy to install, and can provide a variety of lighting design, planning. To meet the different needs of users. The series covers the entire industrial lighting system.
  • Outdoor Waterproof Light
  • Various Batten
  • High / Low Bay Light
Office Lighting
Philips offers a full range of office lighting concepts to meet different needs. In addition to taking into account the color temperature and color rendering of the light source, you must consider the average illumination , comfort , evenness and Security . In addition, the cost of the entire lighting system should also be considered. From hanging to embedded and ceiling mounted to the maximum extent possible to meet the customer's needs for decoration and function.
Commercial Lighting
High-quality lighting can create a harmonious environment, showing the best results of goods, so as to stimulate people's desire to buy. Philips commercial lighting offers a full range of lighting products and designs. It will not only improve your competitiveness, but also make your customers happy and satisfied with the return.
Overall, commercial lighting has the following effects:
  • Attract and guide customers to enter
  • Attract customer attention to goods
  • Create visual effects
  • Define overall impression
  • take into account the safety of customers and staff walking
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  1. Philips RS022B LED Spotlight
    was HK$96.00 Special Price HK$77.00
  2. Philips FBH 032 CFL Downlight
    was HK$120.00 Special Price HK$84.00
  3. Philips MBN 100 Downlight
    was HK$700.00 Special Price HK$560.00
  4. Philips DN011B LED Downlight
    was HK$93.00 Special Price HK$74.00
  5. Philips TrunkLinea LED Batten
    was HK$63.00 Special Price HK$48.00
  6. Philips LED Strip
    was HK$216.00 Special Price HK$170.00
  7. Philips LS15 Smartbright LED Tape
    was HK$212.00 Special Price HK$170.00
  8. Philips BN006C LED Batten
    was HK$185.00 Special Price HK$148.00
  9. Philips TMS 013 T8 LED Batten
    was HK$50.00 Special Price HK$45.00
  10. Philips TMS 013 T5 LED Batten
    was HK$58.00 Special Price HK$50.00
  11. Philips ST T5 Batten
    was HK$146.00 Special Price HK$130.00
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