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Concept bs

Excellent materials for durability - High quality poly carbonate material with improved flame-retardant characteristics is used, which is flexible and will not deform or change colour even after long-term use or prolonged exposure to direct sunlight

Big square rocker, unique design
With its unique design - its square rocker combined with a slight curve on the top and bottom - concept bs is the perfect fit for any interior design
LED indicator light
Some switches have optional LED indicator, with low power consumption and more than 100,000 working hours
Silver alloy contacts
Silver-nickel alloy contacts have the advantage of low resistance and increased electrical conductivity to ensure excellent performance over a long life-span
Thin design, easy installation
The thickness of the functional part is only 1.2cm, which allows more space inside the wallbox for wiring connections. In addition our products can also be installed in thinner walls
Wide variety of socket outlets
For all kinds of requirements. All sockets are equipped with shutters for increased safety. Switched and unswitched versions with and without neon. 13A and 15A British standard and universal socket outlets
Wide variety of data communication outlets
For all kinds of applications in one gang and two gang versions. The labeling field avoids confusion in a structured PC network. The series provides both cat. 5e and cat. 6 computer socket outlets to meet present customer expectations

More options, less time to install, compatible with EIB / KNX range
Modular design cuts the time and onto the grid structure and simply clicked into place. Choice of single, dual, triple and quadruple frame options in different color

Trusted by worldwide large scale project
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  1. ABB Concept bs Switches White
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  2. ABB Concept bs Switches Silver
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  3. ABB Concept bs Dimmer White
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  4. ABB Concept bs Dimmer Silver
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  5. ABB Concept bs Fan Controller White
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  6. ABB Concept bs Pull Cord Switch
    was HK$89.00 Special Price HK$62.00
  7. ABB Concept bs TV Sockets Silver
    was HK$123.00 Special Price HK$86.00
  8. ABB Concept bs Night Light White
    was HK$280.00 Special Price HK$196.00
  9. ABB Concept bs Night Light Silver
    was HK$364.00 Special Price HK$255.00
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