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LED - Innovative technology restore the true of natural light
LED lamp's brightness is not measure base on wattage(W), as it is determine base on lumen output(lm). When compare to energy saving bulb and incandescent bulb, LED can provide relevant output and provide up to 85% energy saving. Philips LED lumen is highly efficient and comply with A+ energy saving label.
Normal LED life is equal to 15 incadescnt lamps, therefore reduce lamp replacement cost and time.Philips adopt the best LED chips therefore provide a lifetime of 15,000 - 40,000 hours
Philips LED also offers the following features:
Flicker suppression
  • Philips unique flicker suppression technology to reduce or eliminate visual fatigue cause by low frequency light, reduce the burden on the eyes
Photobiological safety of lamps and lamp systems
  • Philips has IEC/EN 62471 "Photobiological safety of lamps and lamp systems" highest rating to protect eyes, skin safety, eliminate harmful light, ease of use
Best mixed light technology
  • Philips LED chip's light mixing process of the light source produces a color temperature close to natural light, and over time the color temperature is also less prone to drift
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  1. Philips LED Bulb (E27)
    was HK$25.00 Special Price HK$22.00
  2. Philips LED Bulb (B22)
    was HK$28.00 Special Price HK$25.00
  3. Philips StepDim LED Bulb
    was HK$58.00 Special Price HK$50.00
  4. Philips Scene Switch LED Bulb
    was HK$69.90 Special Price HK$60.00
  5. Philips Globe LED Bulb
    was HK$68.00 Special Price HK$60.00
  6. Philips Classic LED Bulb
    was HK$76.00 Special Price HK$65.00
  7. Philips CorePro LED Clear Bulb
    was HK$38.00 Special Price HK$35.00
  8. Philips Master LED Dimmable Bulb
    was HK$115.00 Special Price HK$95.00
  9. Philips Eco-Fit LED tube
    was HK$42.00 Special Price HK$35.00
  10. Philips Essential LED Tube
    was HK$52.00 Special Price HK$46.00
  11. Philips Sensor T8 LED Tube
    was HK$202.00 Special Price HK$161.00
  12. Philips LED Slim Tube
    was HK$120.00 Special Price HK$100.00
  13. Philips LED GX53 Lamps
    was HK$78.00 Special Price HK$70.00
  14. Philips CorePro LED G4 Capsule
    was HK$38.00 Special Price HK$34.00
  15. Philips CorePro LED G9 Capsule
    was HK$76.00 Special Price HK$60.00
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